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2016-2017 Distinctly Beautiful ​

​​Using the Dove Campaign videos, we discussed  what makes  each girl beautiful, as well as what unique qualities they possess.  The goal was to  highlight their differences and teach them how to accept and love  the qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. 
The canvas  painting  showed their creative sides and gave many of them confidence in knowing that their differences make them BEAUTIFUL!

2016-2017 CPR & First Aid Training for 6th-8th Grade Beauties

​The 6th-8th grade Beauties became CPR & First Aid certified through the Red Cross!  We all learned the importance of knowing the steps to take in case of a medical emergency & how to respond in a calm, & in control manner. 

​The Beauties are now certified in First Aid & CPR!!! 

We are THANKFUL for 3 full years of successful programming that has enhanced the lives of our youth! Our Brilliant Brown Beauties program offers behavior management infused with STEM, Art, Mental Health and Fitness! This was our TBHE Affirmation Boards (2019-2020) that required them to create affirmations that will lift their spirits on those dark days they may face. We are equipping them to be the next leaders!

​​​​ B.B.B.  

(Brilliant Brown Beauties & Brilliant Brown Beaus)

FREE after-school programs provide unique hands-on tutoring and mentoring services to youth between the ages of 5-21 using STEM, Art, Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, Fitness and Life Skills.  The program was created to promote self-worth, confidence, perseverance, communication and self-control. B.B.B. targets youth that benefit from learning alternative methods to managing their behavior, but we welcome all youth!  

Their progress is tracked bi-weekly via Teacher Evaluations.  95% of the Teachers report improvement in behavior!  77% of the 2018 Beauties/Beaus tracked made gains on the NWEA!  Our Saturday sessions for both the Beauties and Beaus will begin on February 8, 2020!  Sign up on our TBHE Home Page today!  There are limited spots available!  

​2016-2017 African Queens Character Research

​The Beauties researched character traits of African Queens to create canvas bags. They were amazed to find that there were many Queens that looked just like them! We are teaching them that you have to know the characteristics of a Queen to wear your crown proudly.  The Beauties are creating Canvas Bags with one side dedicated to their African Queen and the other side dedicated to their personal character traits.  They did the research and created masterpieces from the information they learned!  The Beauties were proud of their bags! 

If you are a local business owner or entrepreneur that would like to share your talents with our exceptional youth, send us an email to TheBrownHouseEx[ or sign up for email updates and add your message in the comment section on the TBHE Home Page.  We could not do this without the help of our local partners and sponsors!  We look forward to working with you soon! #ItTakesAVillage #IGiveBack #TBHE 

2017-2018 Handling Stress

THe Beauties discussed how and why learning how to control your behavior is such an important skill.  

We're so excited to share our Brilliant Brown Beauties End of the Year (2018-2019) Field Trip Video! The Beauties engineered jewelry holders, danced and sang! We're so proud of the improvements the Beauties have made and will continue to #Educate and #Enlighten them through #Experience! A HUGE THANKS to Wood on a Whim Creative Studio & Event Space for being fabulous hosts!! Learn more about us at #ItTakesAVillage