​​​​ B.B.B.  

(Brilliant Brown Beauties)

 is a FREE after-school program that provides unique hands-on tutoring and mentoring services to girls between the ages of 5-18 using STEM, Art and Health.  The program was created to promote self-worth, confidence, scholarship and knowledge of their history.  We target girls that have difficulty engaging in positive actions at school.  Their progress is tracked weekly via Teacher Evaluations.  95% of the Teachers report improvement in behavior!  77% of the 2018 Beauties tracked made gains on the NWEA!  We'll make better gains in 2019!

2016-2017     6th-8th Grade: Peer Pressure

​2016-2017 ​​Vision Boards

The Beauties engaged in creating Vision Boards to highlight their goals for the year, as well as their interests.  The girls were eager to display their ideas and were even more proud of their finished products.   They left encouraging messages on each Vision Board during our Gallery Walk. 

​*Thanks to the generous donations of our supporters,
the Beauties had an ample amount of magazines! & journals for their reflective writing!  Thanks!!  #ItTakesAVillage​​

2016-2017​   K-3rd Grade: Following Directions

2017-2018 6th-8th Goal Shields

​2017-2018  K-5th Goal Shields

2016-2017 Distinctly Beautiful ​

​​Using the Dove Campaign videos, we discussed  what makes  each girl beautiful, as well as what unique qualities they possess.  The goal was to  highlight their differences and teach them how to accept and love  the qualities that make them stand out from the crowd. 

​The canvas  painting  showed their creative sides and gave many of them confidence in knowing that their differences make them BEAUTIFUL!

The Brown House


2017-2018 We can do ANYTHING!

​The Beauties reflected on their self-confidence levels and being able to accomplish tasks they deem as difficult. The Beauties created tech and jewelry stands from popsicle sticks. They were overjoyed to know that they could create masterpieces from scratch with  minimal adult assistance!  

2016-2017       3rd-5th Grade: Classroom Behavior​

2016-2017 CPR & First Aid Training for 6th-8th Grade Beauties

​The 6th-8th grade Beauties became CPR & First Aid certified through the Red Cross!  We all learned the importance of knowing the steps to take in case of a medical emergency & how to respond in a calm, & in control manner. 

​The Beauties are now certified in First Aid & CPR!!! 

2017-2018 Handling Stress

THe Beauties discussed how and why learning how to control your behavior is such an important skill.  

The Beauties created Goal Shields to highlight their positive attributes as well as to create life goals.

2016-2017             ​3rd-5th Grade: Class Bully

The Beauties created Goal Shields to highlight their positive attributes as well as to create life goals.

​Check out our end of the 2016-2017 School Year Celebration!

Year 1 is complete!!

Each session,  the Beauties reflect on a given topic regarding their actions and behaviors.  #SelfReflection

2017-2018 Black History Inspiration Bracelets 

Our Brilliant Brown Beauties researched a female trailblazer and compared the character traits to their own. We created "Inspiration Bracelets" to highlight one character trait that the Beauties possess that is similar to that of their pioneer. The Beauties were fully engaged in the researchand their "Inspiration Bracelets" turned out to be FABULOUS!!!

​2016-2017 African Queens Character Research

​The Beauties researched character traits of African Queens to create canvas bags. They were amazed to find that there were many Queens that looked just like them! We are teaching them that you have to know the characteristics of a Queen to wear your crown proudly.  The Beauties are creating Canvas Bags with one side dedicated to their African Queen and the other side dedicated to their personal character traits.  They did the research and created masterpieces from the information they learned!  The Beauties were proud of their bags! 

​​​2016-2017 Making Better Choices

​In an effort to teach life skills, behavior management is a major part of our program.  The Brilliant Brown Beauties were asked to think of a time that they made the wrong choice, & reenact it with the correct choice.  The scripts, props and themes were all created by the Beauties.  They worked hard on their projects and have a better understanding of the importance of making wise choices.  The Beauties were eager to create and act out their skits!  We hope you enjoy! 

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