Fitness Night

Our Fitness Night was designed to engage parents and children in different exercise techniques from Zumba, Hip Hop Dance, Basketball, Quarterback Skills and Boxing!  Thanks to the generous donations from Pete's Fresh Market on Madison and Western and Chipotle's Wicker Park location, the participants enjoyed a delicious dinner with refreshments!  It was a night to remember!!!!

Community Events

*Keep Your Boat Afloat
​(Float Your Boat)
Engineer a boat that will hold the most pennies to win!

*Catapult for Distance

(Candy Catapult)

​Engineer a modern catapult that launches pass your opponents!

*Take Flight

​(Fly High)

​Design paper airplanes that soar the farthest to become the Aerial Champion!

Urban Engineering Nig​ht

The Brown House


Date Night

​Our Daddy-Daughter & Mother-Son Date Night was a unique event that engaged parents and their children in hands-on activities geared towards STEM and Art inspired concepts.  The couples engaged in meaningful conversations about how to problem solve & create their individual artistic pieces.  The event was a huge success and gave more than 30 couples an evening to create, dance, eat and engage in hands-on activities.  

Popsicle Stick Make-and Take

Our Popsicle Stick Make-and-Take was a SUCCESS!!!!  The young engineers, as well as their parents, enjoyed using their creativity to engineer their own custom picture frame, airplane, skateboard, treasure box, tech stand or bird feeder!  Some of the engineers finished early, so they completed TWO projects!  It was a GREAT evening!  Check out the video of our engaging event below!!  

​​​Our Urban Engineering Night was designed to give children and their parents an opportunity to become Engineers, by engaging in hands-on projects that require them to implement Science, Technology, Engineering and Math skills using items that they may already have at home. Parents are encouraged to join their children in the creation of the projects, as well as the competitions, to encourage dialogue and cooperative problem-solving.

Check out more videos on our YouTube Channel!  Subscribe today!!  Our Basketball Station with Coach Brown from Athletic Konnection

​was a fun experience for the kids and adults!!  

Check out the Competition Stations!

* Zoom to the Finish Line
​(Custom Cars)
​Create Lego cars & race other engineers to find out who created the fastest one!

​TBHE strives to provide the Chicagoland community with hands-on events that cater to the needs of the students.  Our events provide a safe and inviting atmosphere for families to work together to learn and create.