Check out some of the pictures from our Urban Engineering Night Community Event below! 

Our FREE Popsicle Stick Engineering Make-and-Take was a HUGE success!!!

25 creative 5-12 year old engineers received FREE admission to an engineering night to remember!

**Choose 1 of 5 Engineering Stations**
Each child had their Popsticle Stick creation to take home along with a FREE BOOK!!
The parents enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than the kids!!! 

​Our Brilliant Brown Beauties made testimonials about the program!  You can find them on the About TBHE page! Check out one from our 4th grader, Kierra! 


Brilliant Brown Beauties

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 The B.B.B. is A free after-school Tutoring and Mentoring program that targets girls in K-8th Grade, that have difficulty Managing their behavior in school. the Beauties engage in weekly hands-on STEM & Art workshops that address topics that include insecurities, peer pressure, social media etiquette, socio-economic issues & History.   their progress is tracked weekly ​via Teacher Evaluations.  the beauties are making great strides towards being the Brilliant brown beauties they are destined to be!    

2018 Community Event

The Brown House


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The first trip for our 6th-8th grade Brilliant Brown Beauties was to see the movie Black Panther!  Charity Contributors of Chicago donated the tickets and provided us with a delicious breakfast upon arrival!  The Beauties had a GREAT time!!